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About the Speaker

Andrija Višić | Senior Community and Programme Manager


The Information Security Working Group in ETIS

Andrija will discuss the workings of kings of ETIS and its cybersecurity-related working groups. He will delve into the pivotal significance of sharing threat intelligence within the telecom industry, among CISOs, CSOs, CERT-SOC and anti-abuse experts. You will learn how this collaborative approach not only strengthens defences against evolving cyber threats but also facilitates coordinated responses, safeguarding critical infrastructure and ensuring uninterrupted communication services.

Andrija Visic, ETISManaging associations has been Andrija’s calling for over a decade now, and for almost 4 years, he has been running the cybersecurity related working groups in the European Telco ISAC ETIS. He organises physical working group meetings, webinars and calls, and with his ETIS Central Office colleagues also the ETIS annual event – the ETIS Community Gathering. His background is in sociology and public policy. In 2015, Andrija switched his home city of Zagreb, Croatia, Andrija with Brussels, Belgium where he lives and works today.

About ETIS

ETISFounded in 1991, ETIS is a non-profit organization which brings together the major telecommunications providers in Europe to share knowledge in a trusted environment. We currently have 30 partners (Telcos) and 17 supporting parties (suppliers), representing the telecommunications industry in 21 European country. Our goal is to enable our Community to reach their strategic objectives and to improve their business performance by sharing knowledge on industry challenges and by collaborating where possible. The two working groups in ETIS: Information Security WG and CERT-SOC WG have in 2022 been recognised as a European Telco ISAC.

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