Join us 11-12 June 2024!

About the Speaker

Dr. Ed Amoroso | CEO & Founder


Drawing on his many years experience as Chief Security Officer of AT&T, Ed will reflect on the state of cybersecurity in the telecom sector and point a way forward for further hardening tele-com and other critical infrastructure against current and emerging cyber threats.

Ed Amoroso, TAGDr. Edward Amoroso is the Founder and CEO of TAG. He is also a Research Professor at NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering and the author of six books. Before he retired to start his own company, Am-oroso was the SVP and Chief Information Security Officer for AT&T and a member of the Board of Directors for M&T Bank.

About TAG Cyber

TAGTAG is a trusted, next-generation research and advisory company that utilizes an AI-powered SaaS platform to deliver on-demand insights and recommendations in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and climate science to thousands of commercial solution providers and Fortune 500 enterprises. Founded in 2016 and headquartered in New York City, TAG bucks the trend of pay-for-play research by offering unbiased and in-depth guidance, market analysis, advisory support, and personalized content—all from a practitioner’s perspective.

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