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About the Speaker

Eric Arnoth | Principal Cybersecurity Architect


Threat Hunting With MITRE’s FiGHT 5G Threat Framework

As complexity of 5G deployments increase, relying only on IOCs for security monitoring may not be sufficient. Instead, threat hunting based on threat frameworks can increase the security and resilience of the operator network. In this talk we will highlight the various operationalization (planning, execution, and optimization) efforts related to FiGHT- the 5G threat framework compatible with MITRE ATT&CK®.

Eric ArnothEric Arnoth, a Principal Cybersecurity Architect with MITRE corporation has over 25 years of experience in defensive and offensive cyber operations. A passionate supporter of improving the cyber defense work force for industry needs, Eric regularly mentors ethical hacking events. Eric has helped clients adopt threat informed defenses and capability assessments through cyber wargames in variety of industries, as well as research and development into new means of adversary detection and threat hunting. A key member of MITRE FiGHT development team, Eric brings a vast knowledge of risk management from his days with MITRE ATT&CK development and Citibank global communication networks.


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