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About the Speaker

Karsten Nohl | Managing Director


Diary of a telco hacker: Hacking cloud to take over 5G networks

Karsten Nohl, Autobahn SecurityKarsten is a cryptographer and security researcher. He likes to test security assumptions in proprietary systems and typically breaks them. Karsten is the Founder of Berlin-based Autobahn Security where his professional work includes testing telcos for hacking issues. Karsten was the CISO at Jio and Axiata.

About Autobahn Security

Autobahn SecurityAutobahn Security is a platform that helps companies improve vulnerability management by aggregating, prioritizing, and remediating issues efficiently and transparently. We provide Cyber Fitness Workouts – actionable remediation guides that will help IT teams optimize IT-System against hackers, easily and quickly, even without security expertise. Our experience provides guidance on all steps of the way to achieve a measurably lower hacking risk. Its is made to support ongoing security efforts or help initiate them. Autobahn Security relies on over a decade worth of experience in white hat hacking, cyber security research, and Fortune-500-consultancy.​