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Maria Martínez | Head of Threat intelligence Operations


Using threat intel with internal and external stakeholders

Using Threat Intelligence – Internally as well as with customers. As well as sharing successful examples of how Telefónica has leveraged threat intelligence and threat intelligence sharing to protect customers, Maria Martinez Martin will also discuss how Telefónica Tech is driving more effective threat intel sharing internally within different groups, business units and departments within the Telefónica group.

Maria Martínez, Telefonica TechMaria is a Telecommunications Engineer, with ten years experience in operational roles at Telefónica. She leads Telefónica’s Threat Intelligence Business Unit, integrated in the Cybersecurity Operations Area. The Threat Intelligence Unit provides clients the necessary cyber-intelligence knowledge that can help them successfully manage their businesses in today’s digital world. We help customers understand and prevent imminent threats, and we support them in their cyber-security decision-making processes.

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