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About the Speaker

Dr Michaela Vanderveen | Principal 5G Security Architect


MITRE has made good progress in working with telecom sector partners to develop the FIve G Hierarchy of Threats (‘FiGHT’) framework modelled on the MITRE ATT&CK Framework. With 5G core networks rolling out at scale during 2023 and 2024, Michaela will provide an update on how FiGHT can be leveraged to defend against 5G threats.

Dr Michaela Vanderveen, MITREMichaela Vanderveen has over 20 years of wireless communications research and development experience. She has a broad background in cybersecurity, cellular networks, communications systems, connected vehicles, and a history of active participation in standards, including 3GPP, 5GAA, IEEE, SAE and IETF. Michaela led research and standards efforts in her career with telecom vendors, and now serves as technical lead for the FiGHT project in MITRE.

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