Aligning with the NIS2 Directive: Cybersecurity Guidelines for Europe’s Telecom Operators

The EU’s NIS2 Directive introduces substantial changes in the way all organizations that are defined as ‘Essential Entities’ are required to manage their cybersecurity posture. Cybersecurity in the telecom sector is generally more advanced than many other critical sectors but NIS2 nevertheless imposes important new requirements for telcos to align with.

November 8th 2023

15:00 Paris
14:00 London
9:00 New York

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A focus on traditional compliance must be set aside in favour of a risk management approach. There are detailed requirements relating to the detection and mitigation of cybersecurity incidents as well as requirements relating to who incidents are reported to and when. There are also new requirements on trans-border cyber threat intelligence sharing with peers in other EU member states and a new regime of penalties for non-compliance.

This webinar will discuss implications for telecom operators and guidelines for aligning with the new requirements which member states must implement in national law by October 2024.

Cyber Threat Alliance


Nils Ahrlich, Head of Security Consulting, Nokia; and Michael Daniel, President & CEO, Cyber Threat Alliance, will join HardenStance’s Principal Analyst, Patrick Donegan to discuss the NIS2 Directive: Cybersecurity Guidelines for Europe’s Telecom Operators.

Nils Ahrlich

Nils Ahrlich

Head of Security Consulting


Michael Daniel

Michael Daniel

President & CEO

Cyber Threat Alliance

Patrick Donegan

Patrick Donegan

Principal Analyst


Who should attend?

Registration for this webinar is open to all participants in the telecom security ecosystem, spanning both the enterprise IT and telecom network or OT domains. This includes, but need not be confined to, telecom CISOs, telco security architecture and telco security operations roles; vendor product management and product marketing roles among both networking and security vendors; cyber security regulators and policy makers in the telecom and other sectors; telecom and cyber security industry associations and SDOs as well as analysts, media and consultants working in the telecom and cybersecurity market spaces.

Points of discussion:

  • The NIS Directive – the centrepiece of EU cybersecurity legislation for telecom operators.
  • Key highlights of the NIS Directive.
  • The transition from mere compliance to a risk management approach.
  • Next steps in vulnerability disclosure.
  • Visibility and threat monitoring for enterprise-grade detection, mitigation and incident response in a telco environment.
  • Challenges in Incident Response.
  • Best practice cyber threat intelligence sharing – among peers in other countries, other industries.

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Our Aims

This webinar aims to inform the telecom ecosystem on what the NIS Directive expects of the telecom sector and how best to algin with those expectations.


Please contact Patrick Donegan, patrick.donegan@hardenstance.com.

Aligning with the NIS2 Directive: Cybersecurity Guidelines for Europe’s Telecom Operators

8 November


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