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About the Speaker

Paul Mackenzie | Head of Security


The rising tide floats all boats

The UK’s Telecommunications Security Act is driving security focus and investment across our industry and while the obligations of the law and the Security Code of Practice apply equally to all operators the means to address them does not. Paul will share his perspective on preparation for the Telecoms Security Act and why Tier 2 ISPs must neither be complacent with regard to their own preparations, nor be shy at shouldering their way to a seat at the top table with regard to threat intelligence sharing.

Paul McKenzie, Head of SecurityPaul has worked with leading operators and suppliers, in fixed line, mobile, and M2M services such as Smart Metering for over 40 years. He has been working with Tier 1 and Tier 2 Operators on the impact and remediation work required to comply with the Telecom Security Act since consultation with NCSC and UK Government on the proposals began in 2020.

About Hyperoptic

HyperopticHyperoptic was the first gigabit broadband provider in the UK, connecting Prices Court in Wandsworth, London in October 2011, when the average broadband speed at the time was just 6.8Mbit/s. The full fibre network now passes more than one million homes, and connects more than 250,000 customers in 64 places across the UK. Hyperoptic was named Best Broadband Provider by Uswitch in 2023, and Best Consumer ISP at the 2022 ISPA Awards.

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