20 April 2023

About the Speaker

Peter Haigh | Principal Technical Director, Telecoms, NCSC

Peter Haigh is Principal Technical Director for Telecommunications, Electromagnetic and Radio Security at the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre. He is responsible for understanding the cyber security risk to the UK’s telecommunications networks and works with major operators and vendors on improving cyber security practice. Peter led the NCSC’s technical threat analysis to identify the necessary technical measures that now underpin the UK’s Telecoms Security Act.

About The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)

NCSCThe National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) was formally launched in 2017, as part of GCHQ, to be the UK’s national authority on the cyber security environment: sharing knowledge, addressing systemic vulnerabilities and providing leadership on key national cyber security issues.

We support all parts of UK society to protect themselves by providing tailored expertise and unique knowledge that citizens, businesses and organisations across the UK can use to protect themselves and help make the UK the safest place to live and work online. We take direct action to reduce cyber harms to the UK by providing protection at scale through digital services like Active Cyber Defence, provide UK sovereign capabilities through our National Crypt-Key Centre and we support growth in cyber skills and investment through key programmes like CyberFirst and NCSC for Startups.

The NCSC is committed to ensuring the UK is as secure as possible, working with  partners across law enforcement, HMG, industry and academia. We pride ourselves  on being experts in cyber trends and are committed to understanding and advising  citizens and organisations on the latest issues.

Learn more: www.ncsc.gov.uk