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Tim Allsopp | Senior Strategy Manager


At TTIS 2022, Tim shared how Telus worked with peers among telcos, ISPs and others to mitigate the threat from CVE-2022-26143, the vulnerability in Mitel’s MiCollab and MiVoice Business Express collaboration systems that triggered high risk spikes in DDoS traffic. It would be nice to think he won’t have any up date experiences to share at TTIS 2024 – nice but not very likely.

Tim Allsopp, TelusTim Allsopp is currently focused on security analytics, innovation, and promoting data driven security decisions at TELUS, a major Canadian telecom provider. Throughout his 21 year tenure at TELUS, he has enjoyed the privilege of helping found the Incident Response and Threat Intelligence
practices as an technical leader on both teams. Tim holds a number of technical security certifications across Forensics, Incident Response, and Offensive Security disciplines, including a GIAC Security Expert certification, which he has actively maintained since 2015.

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