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About the Speaker

Anand Prasad | Partner


No to Divide and rule? The case for integrating telcos SOCs.

Most mobile operators tend to have at least two Security Operations Centres (SOCs) – one for the IT side, the other for the mobile network. Some operators even have other SOCs, depending on the services being provisioned. There are several good reasons for combining and integrating these SOCs and even the Network Operations Centre (NOC). This talk will consider the high-level synergies and discuss the rationale for combining SOCs based on threats associated to each type – IT, mobile network and services. At a very high level, there are similar types of DDoS and API-related threats as well as those targeting identity and access management (IAM). Cloud is nevertheless becoming a common factor which means that the threats faced will be the same, at least from a platform perspective. This talk will make the case that we should be driving towards unifying the SOC and NOC environments to enable evolution towards Automated Monitoring Operations and Response (AMOR).

Dr. Anand PrasadDr. Anand R. Prasad is a Partner at Deloitte Tohmatsu Cyber (DTCY) where he leads the emerging technology unit and he is Board of Director at Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB). Anand was Founder and CEO of Wenovator LLC, acquired by DTCY, and Senior Security Advisor of NTT DOCOMO. He was CISO, board member, of Rakuten Mobile, where he led all aspects of enterprise and mobile network security (4G, 5G, IoT, Cloud, device, IT, SOC, GRC, assurance etc.) from design and deployment to operations. Prior to that Anand worked in leadership roles in NEC, DOCOMO Euro-Labs, Genista, Lucent Technologies and Uniden. Anand was Chairman of 3GPP SA3 where, among others, he led the standardization of 5G security. He is also advisor to several organizations such as CTIF Global Capsule, GuardRails and German Entrepreneurship Asia. Anand is an innovator with 50+ patents, a recognized keynote speaker (RSA, MWC etc.) and a prolific writer with 7 books and 50+ publications. He is a Fellow of IET & IETE, and Editor of Cyber Security Magazine & Journal of ICT Standardization by River Publishers.