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About the Speaker

Derek Manky | Chief Security Strategist & VP Global Threat Intelligence


Mapping the Flow of the Adversary

We continue to be faced with the challenge of a lot of noise, everything from the SIEM to funneling this data through the SOC and Telco/MSSP MDR solutions. The challenge has always been how to prioritize response to the onslaught of IOCs and alert with an informative response? I will talk through an interesting solution that applies to telco & MSSP we have worked on with MITRE Engenuity CTID, called Attack Flow II that is now publicly available. With a good data model and tooling that has been created, we are now working on modeling real attacks to map the flow of TTPs (techniques, tactics, and procedures) and what assets they hit. This serves as a practical guide to threat informed response for telco providers. Data will be presented on the telco sector using an example flow.

Derek MankyDerek Manky brings more than fifteen years of experience to a strategic and visionary cyber security role, working within the Office of the CISO at Fortinet. Manky leads a seasoned, special strategic engagement team which bridges data science with security strategy, facilitating tactics. This agile consulting team provides expert advice and is specialized in advanced threat concepts, security research, penetration testing, data insight and threat intelligence/playbook mapping.

He consults with leading CSOs/CISOs of Fortune 500 companies worldwide across multiple industries. Manky provides thought leadership to industry and has presented research and strategy worldwide at many premier security conferences. As a cyber security expert, his work has included meetings with leading political figures and key policy stakeholders globally, including law enforcement, which helps define the future of cyber security.

Manky orchestrates global threat intelligence initiatives with Fortinet, including the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA), NATO NICP, INTERPOL Expert Working Group, and the Forum for Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST). Manky has been with the Cyber Threat Alliance since it was founded in May 2014 and sits on the steering committee, working with leading security executives and CEO direction in industry. His vision is applied to help shape the future of proactive cyber security, with the ultimate goal to make a positive impact towards the global war on cybercrime.

This strategy is integrated into advanced technology frameworks to fight cyber-attacks, while keeping clients secure. Manky designed a zero-day vulnerability disclosure framework, which has been reliably used for years to responsibly fix security issues before black hat attackers get a chance to exploit victims. Manky is regularly featured in top tier media as a spokesperson, in an effort to educate. He continues to dedicate his career to security, research and education.

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